Don't Ignore the Signs of Transmission Trouble

Make your transmission repair appointment in Lafayette, LA & all of Acadiana today

Don't panic if your transmission is acting up. Acadiana Transmission & Auto Repair is a trusted transmission shop in Lafayette, LA that repairs and rebuilds broken transmissions in a timely manner.

Whether your transmission is whining, clunking or shaking, we can help. Trust us to diagnose your transmission issue, give you a free repair or rebuild estimate and complete the necessary repairs correctly the first time.

We have the tools and skills necessary to repair all makes and models of transmissions that:

Whine, clunk, hum, shake or grind
Refuse to go into gear
Are extremely noisy
Slip through gears
Smell like they're burning
Leak or are low on fluid

Drop by our transmission shop today to figure out what's wrong with your transmission. We'll complete your transmission repair or rebuild service in a flash.

5 tips for keeping your transmission operating smoothly

5 tips for keeping your transmission operating smoothly

Acadiana Transmission & Auto Repair provides transmission repair services in Lafayette, LA and all of Acadiana. To make sure your transmission works flawlessly, you should:

  1. Check your transmission fluid regularly
  2. Avoid driving your vehicle if it doesn't shift properly
  3. Never ignore your check engine light
  4. Bring your car in for repairs if you feel vibrations when pressing the brake pedal
  5. Get your car looked at if the transmission starts making funny noises

Visit our auto repair shop today. We'll let you know if your transmission needs to be repaired or rebuilt.